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Essential TA strategy tools and templates

The ultimate guide to proactive sourcing strategies

How to craft your strategy for proactively talent pooling your future critical skills.

Create a strategy that attracts top technology talent

A step-by-step guide to creating an attraction strategy that brings you the tech talent your business needs.

Create your next graduate recruitment strategy

A step-by-step guide to creating an recruitment strategy that brings you the graduate talent that will become the future leaders of your business.

Essential DE&I tools and templates

DE&I for TA: interactive strategy workbook

An interactive workbook that will help you create the foundations for your DE&I strategy for talent acquisition.

Website accessibility diagnostic tool

A spreadsheet designed to help you assess your careers site against the latest UK government guidelines on accessibility.

Essential TA operations tools and templates

Recruitment headcount calculator

Calculate how many heads you need in your recruitment team to fill the roles you need to fill.

TA performance calculator

This sheet will help you calculate the essential metrics you need to measure TA's performance.

Example TA process map

A best practice example of a TA process map that can help you understand how to start mapping your own process.

TA cost sheet

Our best practice template for structuring your talent acquisition cost sheet.

TA cost calculator

We often find that some TA spend sits in wider HR and Business budgets. This template encourages you to identify that spend.

How to read your process maps

Your guide to interpreting all the symbols that make up a process map.

Essential brand and experience tools and templates

Channel strategy ROI calculator

Use this sheet to discover how well your channel strategy is delivering return on investment.

2024 employer brand content plan

150+ social media prompts to create your employer brand content strategy for 2024.

Measure the success of passive attraction

How to showcase TA impact outside of traditional recruitment metrics.

Build your own personal brand

An interactive worksheet to help you uncover your personal brand - to help you raise your profile in the wider industry.

Campaign budget template

A cost sheet and ROI calculator combined to help you budget and track the success of your talent attraction campaigns.

Recruitment experience survey builder

Kick-start your survey, with all the top questions you should be asking both candidates and hiring managers throughout the recruitment process.

Essential tech and data tools and templates

Get your selection technology right

Optimise your selection technology to simplify and enhance the candidate and hiring manager experience and scientifically selecting talent.

ATS requirements checklist

Trying to choose a new ATS? This spreadsheet will help you define your requirement and score vendors accordingly.

Template: Design your recruitment experience surveys

Our best-practice templates that will guide the creation of your hiring manager and candidate surveys to get the crucial data you need to improve.